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How To Build A Remarkable Marketing Campaign? True Blood Style!

Sadly, HBO’s hit series True Blood is slowly coming to an end. I have to admit that it was a lot of fun to watch Sookie and Bill fall in love both on and off the screen. The show has been on for seven seasons. It is a clever mixture of camp, humor, and horror and its success can very well be attributed to the show’s ability to know and understand its audience. The producers and marketers of True Blood really knew how to tap into a niche market. They created an experience that was so compelling, that people rushed home to binge watch an entire season in one long weekend. Below are seven tips of how you can create an equally successful campaign.

  1. Create a product, service, or experience that is super addicting.

You need your buyers to get hooked on V. Anyone who is familiar with the fictional world of Bon Temps understands the true power of vampire blood, also known as V. It is not only the life force of a vampire, but also the cure it all drug that can increase your libido, heal your wounds, and give you super-human strength. Your marketing campaign must do exactly the same thing. It should be a product or service that solves virtually all of your consumer’s problems.

  1. Don’t just create a product or service. You need to create an experience.

Your marketing campaign must be about providing a great experience. It needs to be more than just a call to action. It needs to be like an intoxicating drug that people simply can’t resist. It all starts with good storytelling, and of course understanding your audience. People need to resonate with your message and stories. So how do you do this? Well, you start by invoking the most powerful emotion of all, love.

  1. You need to understand the power of love.

Love is more addicting than any drug. In fact, both love and crack cocaine have the same euphoric effects on the body and brain. Fortunately, your body can’t tell the difference between an image that is real from one that is imagined. So in a nutshell, people can feel the effects of falling in love, just by watching others fall in love. This is perhaps why romance books such as The Sookie Stackhouse Novels are so popular.

  1. You need to get at least 1000 Super-Fans.

Seth Godin says that all you need to get the ball rolling is 1000 Super-Fans. Of course, you also need an idea that will stick. Seth Godin refers to this concept as the idea virus. The key is to appeal to your Super-Fans, implant the idea virus and thus allow word of mouth to do all of your marketing footwork for you.

HBO along with creative partners Campfire & Company put this theory to good use. Marta Kagan author of The Top Most Remarkable Marketing Campaigns Ever, wrote about how HBO created buzz for the True Blood series. They did this by reaching out to popular gothic bloggers and horror fans. Huge posters were displayed in urban areas encouraging people to support the vampire rights amendment. People were encouraged to visit a vampire only website to watch videos of vampires debating on if it was safe to “come out of the coffin.” A great marketing campaign persuades people to take action. Most importantly, it will morph the world of fantasy and fiction into something that appears to be concrete and real. This is the power of good story telling.

  1. You’ve got to be able to smell the blood.

Are you ready for the hunt? You need to understand that there is a huge difference between attracting fans that buy, and attracting fans that don’t buy. The whole trick is to approach people just when they’re ready to buy. Trust me, there’s nothing worse than prospecting someone for hours or even days, only to hear the dreaded words, “I just can’t afford it right now.” You need to understand the buying cycle and learn when your client or customer is ready to buy.

  1. You need to drink from the femoral artery.

I know that you’ve experienced signing onto someone’s list to get more information. Shortly after you type in your email, your inbox is being bombed with spam and special offers. Marketing is all about building relationships. You don’t want to suck the blood out of your consumers too hard and fast. This will result in them unsubscribing from your list, and you’ll never hear from them again. Instead, focus on not sucking too hard. The trick is to suck from the femoral artery. Learn how to create trust by offering great information for free. It may seem absolutely crazy to offer your best information for nothing. However, this is the process of sifting through the thousands who wont buy and who will never buy, to identifying the people who already have their credit card in hand. If you do this correctly, your customers will be 100% sold by the time you’re ready to make contact with them.

  1. You need to be a shape shifter.

If you have the same message sprawled across all social media channels. You’re seriously doing something wrong. You need to be a shape-shifter and tailor your message for each audience you wish to address. It helps to start with a persona. In fact, It also helps to have numerous personas geared toward each social networking channel. First, you need to sit down and write out all of your customer needs, their thoughts and actions, and the obstacles that are keeping them from achieving a particular goal. Then you need to figure out a way to solve all their problems in the most compelling way possible. Fortunately, you have the power of the Internet that can not only help you conduct research, but also help you find your audience and Super Fans. I like to use social networking tools such as Social Oomph. It allows you to automate the message relaying process amongst several different platforms. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the software is going to do all the heavy lifting.

You still need to create an effective strategy. You need to use Facebook to build brand awareness, Pinterest for pictures and photographs, Instagram to create Infographics that are informative and appealing, and videos that encourage people to watch, like, and share. All of these things are not expensive. With my system, I’ll show you how you can beat the high cost of advertising to get quality designed websites, logos, banners, and brochures for a fraction of the price. Then, you’ll be able to spend real money on what’s most important, getting actual results.


MelissaHow To Build A Remarkable Marketing Campaign? True Blood Style!
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