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  • We launch

    Most product launches fail. Even big corporations with massive budgets have a difficult time launching successful campaigns. This is because people like to buy the same products over and over again. This is why we use a more unconventional approach to marketing. We understand that a launch is not a one-time event. Rather, it is a series of events in a sales cycle. We help you identify your target market, conduct research, and test messages and products. Our goal is to help you solve real problems while generating massive sales.

  • We create

    Today, many buyers often conduct research to “shop around” and look for the best deals. They may also consult with their friends via Facebook, and Instagram to get advice on certain products or services they are looking to purchase. We will help you create a fully automated website that will guide your customers through the entire buying process. We do this by teaching you how to create informational articles, tutorials, and videos. We also teach you how to get unbiased reviews and testimonials from other happy customers. We’ll show you how to build an online consumer base that is ready to buy and will spread the word about your product or service.

  • We analyze

    In 2014, 963 billion people purchased products online. This number is projected to increase to 1400 billion in 2015. How much of the e-commerce market share do you currently have? These are massive numbers and small businesses and solopreneurs have to get in the game. We’ll teach you how to effectively monitor trends and fulfill your consumer’s needs. Lastly, we will help you find affiliate products that can be sold on your website. Our goal is to teach you how to automate your sales process to generate profits, increase sales, and to create a stream of passive income.

  • We Think

    While business owners may be passionate about their business. They may not be aware how to close a sale. We train business owners, leaders, sales staff and other employees on how to close the sale. We also offer training and leadership courses that focus on customer relations, conflict resolution, team building, and leadership and management training.

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Total Business Marketing Makeover eBook

Total Business Marketing Makeover eBook

Total Business Marketing Makeover eBook.

Total Business Makeover Trailer

Total Business Makeover Trailer

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Resume for Melissa Remigio

Resume for Melissa Remigio

Resume for Melissa Remigio

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