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  • This lady knows how to teach and for anyone needing marketing advice, this is a Bible. Highly Recommended. Grady Harp, April 15 Grady Harp

    When you have a tried and proven system, everything works in total unison.’
  • I found Total Business Makeover to be refreshing. It is casually written by a real person. The realness shows through which I liked. She does have many great marketing ideas. The focus is mostly on online and smaller/startup business. I enjoyed some of the stories she wove through the book. She often used the analogy of love to marketing. Interesting read (and you can never know too much about marketing)

    Perfect Small Business online marketing primer


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  • Efficient

    Small businesses and busy professionals can’t afford the same marketing campaigns as big businesses. Our system is efficient, targeted, and measurable. We ensure that every dollar is well accounted for.

  • Easy

    Say goodbye to cold calls and awkward elevator pitches. Our system doesn’t involve you chasing after customers and hunting down prospects. Instead we create a procession of leads that will bring targeted customers right to your door.

  • Affordable

    Stop paying full price for marketing materials and advertising campaigns. Market like a pro! Advertise for free. Learn how to buy logos, business cards, banners and brochures for pennies on the dollar. Learn how to build websites just like mine for under a $100

  • Comprehensive

    Stop getting bits and pieces of cryptic marketing information. Our DIY system is a step-by- step guide that will allow you to market like the pros for just $11 a day. Learn all the secrets and shortcuts with our coaching programs; eBooks and videos.